One of the most beautiful aspects of our marriage culture in Nigeria is the importance of uniformity amongst families and friends of the marrying couple. Aso ebi is a matching fabric worn by a group of people in celebration of a special occasion to differentiate the family members from friends and acquaintances. It has become literally impossible to plan a wedding in Nigeria without choosing aso ebi.
Unfortunately, this beautiful culture that upholds love and unity in diversity has been underestimated and misinterpreted by individuals who focus on the financial gains rather than the total benefits as a whole. The significance of aso ebi is no longer as relevant today because individuals have continued to ignore its original objectives.


The aso ebi culture which was once a privilege strictly reserved for close family members to distinguish them from the guests has lost its true value today. It has become an unrealistic tool used to exploit families and friends of intending couples. It has become an epidemic that often subjects its victims to stress and debt, which can strain relationships and even destroy a marriage before it is consummated.


The fundamental constraint is that the less fortunate members of the family are also expected to buy the aso ebi in order to participate in the ceremony. They are often left with no choice than to spend their hard earned savings or end up in debt in the name of conformity. But when we consider the current economic situation again you begin to wonder if it is still necessary to conform to the culture of aso ebi.


One of the most intriguing aspects of the aso ebi practice is the current trend amongst many brides to be, who benefit greatly from this large scale enterprise derived from the huge profit made. It is also a scheme commonly used by financially constraint brides to acquire funds needed to finance their weddings in their desperate bid to get married. They exploit their friends by selling the fabric at exorbitant prices and the profit is either used to purchase the gifts items for friends or towards other wedding details. In the end, friendships will be strained and enemies will be made.


On the other hand there are many other alternate ways that you can cut cost and make it convenient for your families and friends without imposing on anyone especially in this trying times. Why not take the bold steps and make it even more convenient by choosing a particular color of fabric and head tie they can wear to compliment your wedding colors. The most common is the couples choosing different colors to represent the two family members, which makes it easier to differentiate the two families. And perhaps another favorite color to distinguish own friends without denting anyone’s pocket.


Class is an important factor in our society and this can also determine the style and cost when choosing aso ebi. It is a common practice for wealthy families to pick choice fabrics for their guests, and anything short of the best and pricey is undesirable. In today’s harsh economic situation families should begin to have some sense of empathy for their loved ones, who may have more pressing financial commitments to attend to order than expensive aso ebi.
In reality aso ebi is a great concept that brings two families together in unity and also adds beautiful colors to a wedding day. If your culture makes it obligatory to pick aso ebi, pick two different grades and choose a reasonably priced one for family members who cannot afford the expensive one.


Aso ebi is great but in case you are cut between making this decision of whether or not to pick aso ebi, it’s important that you first consider all the many reasons why you shouldn’t before you consider the reasons why you



Photo credit: SCGeorge Photography