2016 will certainly remain a memorable year for many couples who made that very important life decision, but for more in courtship it is still a waiting game which may or may not lead to a marriage proposal. Marriage is a very important element that affects the rest of our lives. Which is why most men see it as a difficult decision to make, and more and more ladies are anxiously waiting longer today to find true love. The question is “why are more men scared of making a marriage commitment today?”



The fact that you have met a man or woman who swept you off your feet is no guarantee that he or she is ready to make a commitment. So ensure that you truly understand the individual and their purpose for the relationship. Perhaps you have been in a relationship for many years and your partner was happy to show you off to families and friends, it is only natural to expect that a commitment will come sooner than later. Unfortunately if he is not making any serious move towards a commitment, he may have good reasons for taking his time and it is absolutely normal for you to develop a cold feet about marriage after all the anxieties.



Marriage is a beautiful experience especially when you marry someone you truly love and who is passionately in love with you too. Delay in making a marriage commitment is definitely not denial! If your partner is not ready yet, do not pressure him or her. They may want some time to think the decision through, knowing the importance of committing to one person and all the sacrifices that comes with it. Perhaps they also wants to make sure they are making the right decision at the right time.



People who are afraid of taking the bold step towards marriage may have an awful perception of marriage, perhaps as a result of the terrible marriage experience of their parents or loved ones. In such a situation, your partner may be happy to keep a great relationship but uncomfortable about getting married and settling down. Nevertheless, you may be able to help your partner overcome this terrible dilemma by sharing your dreams and aspirations of what you believe marriage will be like for you two, so they can start creating a beautiful perception of marriage in their own mind away from the terrible past.



When you are able to build a great sense of communication in your relationship, you will understand your emotional challenges as well as profound solutions in the face of fears or conflicts. Finally if after all said and done your partner is still skeptical about marriage and the fear of divorce, you may need to reconsider your future together as your future should not be determined by the mistakes of the past.