Every unhealthy makeup habit is as a result of negligence or lack of knowledge which can cause various diseases when serious infections set in. Infections such as conjunctivitis and boils results from bacteria that lurks on old makeup and unclean brushes. This happens during makeup application when the bacteria present in the makeup run from the brushes into a pimple on the face, an open cut or the mucus membrane of the eye or nose. This bacteria is called STAPHYLOCCOCCUS AUREUS and it is very dangerous.

Another form of skin bacteria is PSEUDOMONAS ALRUGINOSA which is found in soil water often associated with inflammation rash and in severe cases, sepsis. This bacteria lives on a mascara wand and can nick the eye or penetrate into the soft tissues or the eye membranes. Imagine sharing mascara with someone who’s been infected already or even try to dip a new wand inside the same mascara tube. The whole tube can get infected causing an affection in the eye.

Although some of these particular bacteria are harmless but others can cause bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, kidney failure which can lead to death. This can happen when an infected person does not wash his/her hands well after a bowel movement. The bacteria can spread from the hands to your makeup products. So ensure all makeup products in your purse are clean and safe before use.



EBOLA is real, you need to go the extra mile to maintain good make up hygiene.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Get your Isopropyl Alcohol spray handy (remember alcohol 99%). Alcohol combats virus and bacteria. Beware as hand sanitizer combats germs only.



Here are a few advice from other makeup artists :

“When working on clients that have contra- indications such as sores and existing conditions, always use disposable tools on them.” Damilola Balogun (TrueGlamBeauty-London)

“Always sterilize makeup brushes and products after use to prevent contamination and the spread of infections and subsequently diseases”- Moji Somolu of Mo Makeovers, New York.



NB: I will be glad to recommend a very good alcohol spray, brush sanitizer and all you need to ensure a good makeup hygiene practice always. (Do feel free to send me a mail)

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Stay Safe!

Nifemi Fagbohun

Beauty Expert /Beauty Columnist

Photo Credit: www.qcmakeupacademy.com