Drinks can take a huge chunk of your wedding budget and alcohol is one aspect which many couples believe is a must serve at their weddings. Popping champagne is a wedding tradition – to raise a glass to toast the bride and the groom into a blissful journey.  Excessive alcohol and choice spirits at weddings is a social status in Nigeria and the more alcohol you splash on, the livelier and bubblier your wedding will be. But when you consider the current economic situation, you will begin to wonder if it is realistic to splash on alcohol at your wedding or whether it is necessary to pop champagne especially when you have a very tight budget.



When you consider all the other vital elements of your wedding, you may be left with no choice but to cut down on alcohol and champagne. Beers are readily available locally and can be great for your alcohol loving guest if you are looking to cut cost. On the other hand, it is important to have an idea of your guests’ preferences as more people are cutting down on alcohol for health reasons or quitting for religious reasons. If you have more women than men attending your wedding, you may be spending less on alcohol as women do not consume like men.


Pop! Pop! Pop…. CHAMPAGNE!!

Champagne may be the only drink that pops but honestly if you cannot afford to splash on champagne for your guests, you may want to consider other alternatives. Better still, you can pop a bottle of champagne for toasting and splash on affordable sparkling wine for your wedding guests. But if you must pop champagne, source for the cheaper brands. After all, they all pop.



Serving alcohol on your tight budget needs a level on wisdom if you have to cut cost. One of the best ways to cut cost on alcohol is to reduce wastage. Having the servers pour the wine at the tables is a great way to reduce wastage and excessive drinking by overzealous wedding guests. It is also a nice touch to the perfect wedding when servers walk around to top their wine glasses.



Alcohol should not be the reason why you should cut cost on other important areas, especially if most of your guests are not likely to demand for it. You don’t need to spend too much money on alcohol to impress your wedding guests. Go for the usual favorites which everyone can drink. Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) are great for guests who hardly drink and cocktails for those who like a little tipsy while having fun.


Whatever you decide, do not put yourselves under unnecessary pressure of spending what you don’t have on alcohol and thereby cut down on key elements. With or without alcohol, your day will be beautiful and memorable too.