The celebration of marriage in Nigeria can last for a few days during which several rites are performed. The ceremonies are in various segments which differ from tribe to tribe and the costs can mount up too. But when you consider the current economic situation today, it certainly leaves you with no choice but to cut down on excessive wedding traditions.




The traditional marriage takes its place as a significant ceremony in the Nigerian wedding rites. It was the only rite which was observed and acknowledged by elders and families members to join a couple together in the past. Nevertheless, civilization and western influences later imposed the religious marriage ceremonies which precede the traditional marriage, making it a two day affair.




ALL IN A DAY                                                                               

The traditional and religious weddings are both imperative in sustaining a couple’s beliefs and values, but find a method which works for you and your budget without over stretching yourselves. If you consider the cost of staging your traditional marriage and wedding ceremonies on separate days, you will be saving half of what you budgeted for the two days if you had both weddings in one day. Also note that you will be hosting and feeding the same set of guests twice if you stage a two days affair. When you consider the high cost of venues, catering, drinks, venue décor and photography, entertainment and more, so why spend twice when you can spend once and save the rest for the rainy days.





Cutting cost can sometimes mean that you will have to make certain compromise in order to achieve your goals. A one day affair can be quite stressful if it is not planned and managed effectively. But if you make that decision from inception and both of you agree to work together to achieve it, then you are more likely going to nail it perfectly. Do not imagine it’s a burden too difficult to achieve, the beginning will certainly justify the end.





Timing is a key factor in achieving your goals. You will definitely need a wedding day coordinator to assist you in getting things right. Its money spent pound foolish if you want to cut cost and still want to be in charge. Either you hire a wedding planner or day coordinator to assist you from inception. You will certainly need the professional input.





If you are truly realistic about your goals and aspiration to have a successful marriage, it takes a great deal of efforts on your part to focus on your marriage more than the ceremony involved. Many couples take these for granted and become sentimental about making decisions that make them unpopular amongst friends.




The reality is when you splash what you should be saving for your lives after I do; you will be starting your marriage in apprehension and the fear of the unknown will eventually set in.


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