One of the most challenging aspects of your wedding ceremony as a bride-to-be will be choosing your bridesmaids. Choosing your bridesmaids is a great tradition that dates back a long time and it’s a role many young family members look forward to playing.  Bridesmaids form a unique wedding tradition and they make great memoir for the perfect wedding ceremony; so much so that many girls feel extremely lucky to have the experience, and others feel very disappointed when they don’t make the selection process.



Bridesmaids play a supportive role in the wedding planning process, from helping her to make her wedding dress decision to picking other wedding details if the bride requires their assistance.

They also plan the bridal shower and invite other friends of the bride. On the wedding day they help the bride get ready for the ceremony, and at the wedding party they play the role of perfect hostesses.



Traditionally bridesmaids were sisters and cousins. Friends were only considered if a bride had no female family members. Bridesmaids are special people in the life of a bride. They are those who share her values, traditions and are loved most dearly.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Unfortunately today, many sisters do not make the bridesmaids list and you begin to wonder – what has happened to tradition?



Choosing your bridesmaids can also be a difficult task which goes beyond your preference at times, especially in extended or polygamous family settings where you may have to put others into consideration. It is sometimes advisable to seek the opinion of your parents before making your decision.

On the other hand you may prefer to have a bunch of good friends who compliment you as your bridesmaids. But also bear in mind that friends will always have diverse personalities. It is therefore important to pick friends who are not just pretty faces, but willing to cooperate and work together to support you during the planning and on your big day.



Weddings comes with a lot of sentiments and decision making that can either break or mend the relationships between you, your families, and ultimately your friends. Therefore be wise when deciding – WHO WILL MAKE MY BRIDESMAIDS LIST?