Perhaps you’re getting married soon and wondering if it’s really worth the stress, considering the current rate of domestic violence and divorces among young marriages in Nigeria today. The truth is marriage is beautiful and you can make your marriage work as long as you meet the right man or woman for you. With the right partner, you will feel completely relaxed, happy and proud of yourselves.

Failed marriages are a combination of many anxieties and predicaments if you are madly in love with your spouse despite all their misgivings. You will have to put in a lot of efforts to tolerate their excesses and that can be lead to so many other complications like we witness in dysfunctional marriages today.


If your spouse completely depends on you financially and you expect them to appreciate you more than ever, you are certainly doing yourself a huge injustice.

A needy spouse who is financially and emotionally dependent on you would often take advantage of your limitations and more likely to cheat on you than your bread winning equals.

Marriage is about giving and sharing, and love is not needy. The one who truly loves you will value the qualities of your heart and soul, and would also desire to make you happy always.


Your relationship or marriage does not have to cause you emotional distress and unhappiness. BREAK YOUR SILENCE! You don’t have to live through the pains and agony after all the sacrifices you have made to make things work?


If all this sounds familiar, you need to see a counselor, either by yourself or with your partner. It would be extremely helpful to you both if you still desire to keep your relationship or marriage.




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