Event Safety Alliance has extended its affiliate rights to our company, Event Basics Ltd giving us the opportunity to domesticate the knowledge gained at the Event Safety Summit here in Nigeria. It is the first of its kind in Africa. This right was granted to us by Event Safety Alliance, USA to support the growth of to our company’s commitment to event safety in Nigeria.

Event Safety Alliance, Nigeria will train stakeholders in the various ways to incorporate Event Safety Management System in all facets of event planning. This would be done in collaboration with Event Safety Alliance, USA.



Event Safety Summit (ESS) is an annual event held in the United States of America and organized by the Event Safety Alliance (ESA), USA. The Event Safety Alliance is a non-profit trade association of live event industry professionals committed to eliminating unsafe behaviors and conditions throughout our industry worldwide. A

major goal of Event Safety Alliance is to transform the culture of the industry by deeply integrating safety into all activities so that both individuals and group behaviors are affected positively. It also about building global relationships to improve safety across all disciplines working with the live event industry.

• A major goal of the Event Safety Alliance is to transform the culture of the industry (i.e., the way we do things) With your help, we will achieve this through:

• The promotion of life safety first as a priority in the live event industry;

• The crafting of industry-specific tools that identify, assess and reduce risk in live event activities;

• The compilation, distillation, and dissemination of industry-specific safety

information and reasonable practices;

• The development of industry-specific safety training

• Working cooperatively with industry leaders and stake-holders to develop loss prevention strategies

• Building relationships to improve safety across all disciplines working with the live event industry.

• Please help us assure that everyone who attends live events—our industry partners, our co-workers, and our audience—enjoys the show and goes home safely.

Commit, right now, to putting life safety first.



Everyone has a role to play in putting on a safe event. However, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that both workers and guests make it home at the end of the day lies squarely on the shoulders of an event’s leadership both legally and dutifully. Despite this awesome obligation the event industry lacked until now a comprehensive safety awareness program tailored to specific needs of those working in leadership positions. Hence, the Nigerian Event Safety Summit



The Event Safety Summit will be a gathering of stakeholders who are involved in one way or the other in event execution. It is a two-day safety conference and training opportunity designed to meet the unique demands of the event industry.


5th and 6th of July, 2016


Conference and Exhibition Centre, Lagos Chamber of Commerce Building, Bola Tinubu way, Behind M.K.O gardens, Central Business District, Alausa, Lagos


• To increase awareness of the many event risk

• To enlighten stakeholders on the inherent dangers of event business

• To equip stakeholders with necessary event safety tools

• To encourage the cultivation of the culture of safety by all

• To inform stakeholders on their rights, duties and liabilities

• To encourage professionals to commit to eliminating unsafe acts and conditions throughout our industry

• To create an interactive forum where members can share ideas on how our events can impact positively on our environment.

• It a forum where attendees will learn to eliminate, substitute or control elements of hazards for the prevention of accidents


• Attendees would have the opportunity to learn from experts

• Be able to advice on the importance of executing safe and responsible events.

• Learn that every individual has the power to improve safety at an event by their actions.

• Advocate for safety on the job

• Understands the essence of being prepared and equipped to operate safely

• Will know how to intervene when necessary to prevent unsafe acts

• Certificate of participation




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