Every couple wants their wedding day to be special and memorable, but the pressure of pulling off everything to perfection coupled with fusing the different opinions from your dearest families and friends can create big wedding pressure. For you the bride, the anxiety to be the best on the day can’t be ignored, considering you don’t only want to be the most beautiful on the day, you also want to impress on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and the list goes on. Here are some of the unnecessary anxieties you should guard against:


Pressure to Keep Up
As if planning your wedding is not stressful enough, the outside pressure and influence couples face today are greater than ever. It sometimes gets too difficult for them to take a step back and look at what the values of a marriage should be and what makes it successful. If you are planning your wedding and currently feeling anxious, stressed, exhausted, or perhaps you are also dealing with different issues like limited finances, emotions from managing your family dynamics, you are certainly not alone. Many young couples like you are dealing with the same issues. Sometimes it is the wedding day itself that is the cause of anxiety. Having your entire family together in one space can cause a great deal of anxiety especially when there are divorces, step-parents, estranged family members or just one particularly difficult family member whom everyone loves to hate.


Money brings Anxiety
Money is a significant worry for most couples and staying within your limited budget can become your biggest stress factor. Friends and family are a major source of anxiety in the run-up to your big day. Trying to keep overbearing family members happy can be very difficult. Make sure you remember that there is life after the wedding day, and you should not start your life together in debt.


Who should I invite?
One of the most challenging tasks of all is deciding who to invite to your wedding. Keeping your guest list small can be one big challenge especially if you are planning a budget wedding. If you have a large family you may only be able to accommodate the most important members of your families as well as only your closest friends. Managing your guests list can cause a big wedding pressure which can ruin your big day and get your marriage off to a bad start if wisdom is not applied.


Pressure from parents
Never put yourselves down or underestimate each other’s ability when faced with issues. Agree on policies together and stick to your decisions when negotiating with your parents. The impression you create today will determine the perspective of your relationship and how your families will view it. If your parents are overbearing, the pressure can get bigger and get more difficult for you to manage. Your parents can create more problems for you especially if what you want is contrary to their own perception of a dream wedding.


Whatever you do, remember your wedding is a celebration of your love and affections for one another. Expressing individual opinions are very important in learning to appreciate your feelings, fears and anxiety. Delegate certain tasks to people you feel comfortable with, and stay positive by focusing on what is most important to you. It will help to reduce the stress and appreciate one another better.


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