The wedding dress is every bride’s favourite wedding detail, the one element she wants to get right on her wedding day. Ask a bride to be many years ago if she would rent her wedding dress, how life changes and many things considered as taboo and unthinkable now became realistic and practical. Budget will play a big role in every wedding details, the ‘wedding dress’ is a key aspect which can take a large chunk of the budget when not properly managed.


You may be wondering why a bride would want to hire something so special but on the other hand hiring her dress is a great alternative if she truly cannot afford to buy a brand new dress. You can certainly hire a beautiful dress at a fraction of the price of a brand new dress, another option is sewing your dream dress for less.

The issue of buying, renting or sewing is definitely a matter of preference and cost. Dresses for hire can look as good as new if chosen with care and who would have guessed you hired your dress as long as it fits you perfectly, flawlessly and gracefully throughout the ceremony. The decision is absolutely yours but your budget will play a big role too.

Buying a pre-owned dress may sometimes work out cheaper than hiring one if you really want to save. You can use the social media to communicate with brides looking to sell their dresses at a good rate.  Offer your budget and you are certainly sure to get one willing to sell, the plus is that you can also get to ask about the history of the dress which you may not be able to do if you rent in the store.


Buying a Pre-owned wedding dress is another great option if you really want to save money. You will likely wear your dress once in a life time and end up hanging it in your wardrobe gathering dust forever after. You will be paying less for a dress which has been worn once and you may also decide to sell it back after your wedding and make some money too. If you decide to buy a new dress, ask the store if they can buy it from you. For instance, a dress purchased for N80,000 may be bought back for N30,000 and may be sold as fairly used for N45,000, just an idea.


Whatever you do, never put yourselves under undue pressure or debt, many brides before you would wished they had hired their dresses too considering the fact that it is still hanging and taking the much needed space in their wardrobe.

There is only one bride who will be the cynosures of all eyes on the most beautiful day of your life and that is “YOU” insignificant of how you got your dress as long as you do not put yourself and your spouse in debt in the process.

THE QUESTION IS THIS… Would you buy, hire or sew your wedding dress?