We all know that a wedding is a beautiful obsession that depicts extravagance, vanity and sometimes unrealistic fantasies, which can leave many couples in debt or poorer when reality sets in. It is imperative that as you plan your dream wedding, you also plan to make the most cost effective decisions together as a couple.



Choosing your wedding venue is the first step in planning your wedding. If you really cannot afford the high price tags of the grand venues, there are many alternatives such as community centre halls, school halls, and even house of worship halls, where you can hold your reception. These venues are usually cheaper and good value for money. All you have to do is to get creative and turn them around with the help of a good venue decorator, or creative friends who can lend their skills and hands for free.



Almost every couple prefers a Saturday wedding because of its convenience for their friends and families. But this is the most expensive day, considering the cost of hiring a venue on a Saturday. If you are realistic about cutting cost, get married on a weekday between Monday and Wednesday, most venues will be willing to cut a good deal if you use their venue. Getting married on a week day can save you money and can also curtail unwanted wedding guests. Many venues may charge up to 40% less if you book their venues on a weekday. Reason being that business is slow on weekdays, hence it is extra income for them too.



Staging your traditional and wedding ceremonies on the same day is the most cost effective way to save money on your wedding. Yes it can be a little stressful to have both ceremonies on the same day, but with proper planning and effective coordination, you can sail through the day with ease.



To further cut cost, make your engagement ceremony strictly for your two families. An early morning ceremony will only be honored by those who truly care about you in the first instance.  Make it snappy and beautiful! Two – three hours maximum, so you can have enough time to get ready for the big affairs to follow.



Wedding package deals can help you work within your budget. They are compiled into different plans and there is always a package for every realistic budget. There are several deals and promos packages which can save you money, especially if you are paying for the wedding yourselves. Find a good package that works for you and negotiate well to avoid hidden charges. Some deals also accommodate paying in installments; a great opportunity if you are still piling up your wedding funds.



Families and friends can also save you money. So involve those who have creative skills amongst them, and delegate suitable areas of the wedding details to them. However, be prepared to pay for their services at a subsidized rate if you want good delivery.



Your wedding is not a competition for scoring goals and you do not have to impress anyone. Focus on your own template of a truly unforgettable wedding, and set a trend together within your own budget and capabilities.