Today, wedding ceremonies will not be complete without the display of expensive decorative pieces, fresh flowers, drapes and lightings, exquisite table settings with expensive charger plates, luxurious chairs and table covers.  The couple’s seating area can take the chunk of your decoration budget if you love glamour and glitz with breathtaking stage, chandeliers, led lights and fresh flower. Absolutely great if you can afford the excesses, but don’t forget it’s all over in a few hours.

If you are planning a budget wedding, your wedding venue decoration can take a big chunk of the entire budget if you are unrealistic. On the other hand, you can have a beautifully decorated venue within your budget with your own efforts and assistance from creative professionals too.

Here are our suggestions:


There are so many alternative ideas you can explore through endless possibilities. You will be amazed by how many ways you can save on your decoration budget, if you explore alternative ideas outside the usual. It is great to engage the assistance of a professional venue decorator, but you also need to take responsibility for managing your budget, by ensuring your decorator helps you cut cost. Spend some time at the venue with your decorator, and together you evaluate the areas you need to work on and those you can work with. Be careful not to have unnecessary details in your wedding decorations.


You must be realistic when budgeting for your decoration. It is easy to get carried away when you meet a venue decorator. They will show you lots of beautiful and creative ideas, and it is so easy to get consumed when you see such beautiful ideas. This trick of the trade allows some decorators exploit ignorant brides who are only interested in glitz and glam. But a classy wedding decoration is not just how beautiful but how practical. Today we often see impractical, excessive, distracting and sometimes obstructive at many weddings. You can insist on seeing ideas within your set budget as every creative decorator should have ideas for both big and budget weddings. From those ideas you will have a vivid understanding of what you can get for your money.


Every family has creative individuals, so look for family members who can assist. They may be able to help you with DIY pieces, which should cost a fraction of your budget. If you are looking to cut cost, look beyond the wedding fantasies. You can make your wedding a personal statement and set your own wedding trends too.

A truly unforgettable wedding is one which the guests see the couples’ personalities and styles reflecting all through their big day. So try not to outdo another bride.

Try to make your wedding simple and classy; if the venue already has its own unique characters and good lightings, keep your decorations simple. As they say, less is always more! Using ideas and tips from a friend’s wedding may make you unnecessarily competitive. In other words, don’t get distracted from what you want to achieve.


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