Wedding is big business and getting your food and drinks absolutely right is a key aspect of every successful wedding day.  However, they can certainly come with so many challenges if mismanaged. Today the Nigerian wedding industry has created huge business opportunities for those who pleasure in cooking and making a living off their yummy skills. Same goes for those who delight in managing drink affairs. Gone are the days when families and friends were saddled with the responsibility which could be stressful and cause conflict with family and friends afterwards.

So here are the things you need to consider when it comes to food and drinks for your wedding:



Planning your food and drinks menus can be difficult, especially when you want the best hands within your limited budget. It is absolutely great to want the best for less, but you must be willing to make a few sacrifices too. Whatever the sacrifices make sure you do not compromise on quality. The first step is to contact different vendors and interview them individually to evaluate their strengths, experience and pricing. This will give you a good variation and knowledge of the going rates. Take note during the interviews so that you can remember what you discussed. The notes will enable you make the necessary adjustments when you go back to review your options later.



Do not go for a vendor based on their pedigree. The most renowned vendor may not be the right one for you. Do not take your food vendor just on mere recommendation without taking time to make your own inquiries before engaging them. Every wedding is different and many factors will determine your choice. Focus on those factors and choose your food vendor diligently and without sentiments. There are so many things to consider especially if you are on a mission to cut cost. The choice of food or drinks you prefer will either add up or bring down the cost.  A good vendor must be flexible and willing to help you manage your budget within reason. It has been proven time and time again that high price of food doesn’t always translate to good quality. The power of negotiation combined with your great inter-personal skills can be an added advantage if you need to win your vendors over.



Drinks can take a huge chunk of your wedding budget, as it is the element that gets wedding parties going when the food is finished. The cost of drinks has gone up in recent times due to the current rate of inflation. Nonetheless, this very important element of a great wedding cannot be neglected. There are ways to manage cost of drinks if you are on a budget. For example, you can take up the stress with a friend or two and source the drinks yourselves. In doing so you will be cutting out the middle man’s commission whilst saving money too. Furthermore, make sure you hire a team of professional servers and get a few trusted friends to supervise them. Your style of wedding will also determine the number of servers you need to engage. For instance, a sit down meal style will need more hands than a buffet style.



Take charge of your food and drinks right from the onset and remember that to get the best means setting a realistic budget. Good things don’t often come cheap but quality can be affordable with good negotiation. Always ask for quotes and confirmation of everything in writing so that you can review your options later and keep copies of your receipts for verification too.

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