vendor2Planning a wedding today comes with a lot of anxieties irrespective of your budget, the fact is the more you have to spend the more the stress and apprehension. Finding the best hands to help transform your dream wedding into reality can be a great big challenge too. The Nigeria wedding industry has become a beehive for many business startups in all its different segments but the structure and standards still remain unchecked. Wedding still remains the most important and highly celebrated occasion in our social diaries and that accounts for the rapid growth of the industry.


Wedding vendors play a significant role in the wedding planning process and hiring good wedding vendors is essential towards the success of every great wedding. Choosing your vendors can be challenging especially when there are too many people offering similar skills, it is therefore important to set your own values and principles which you would like your wedding vendors to process. A great understanding, teamwork, wisdom, sensitivity and patience should be some of the most important characters your wedding vendors should exhibit.


Planning a wedding is both the responsibility of the couple and their family. Your families’ role in the planning process cannot be ignored especially if your parents are paying for the wedding. Choosing wedding vendors that understands your ethics may be difficult if your parents are interested in the process and decide to influence your selections too. It is not unusual for parents to prefer vendors who are loyal to them in one way or another or sometimes lower costs is the factor for their selection unfortunately  such vendors may lack the experience and characters you are looking for in your choice vendors.


A good vendor relationship starts from communication and once you can build an effective communication channel with your vendors, you are more than likely to get good and valuable service delivery and a stress free wedding as a whole. If your parents are hiring their choice vendors, you can influence their work ethics through effective communication. It is your responsibility to ensure that they understand your own principles and the standard you desire to achieve on your wedding day. You will be amazed at how much good communication can change their morals if you are able to win their confidence; after all it is your own wedding and your parent’s big day too.


The first and foremost desire is to have a beautiful wedding you have always been dreaming of and the best way to achieve this is to take responsibilities of ensuring that all the vendors you engage fully understand your heartfelt desires and are able to interpret it to. The bulk of the task falls on you to follow the right steps through to ensure you get value for money.

Making important money decisions are crucial to the success of your wedding and keeping everyone involve waiting can be detrimental indeed. It is important to create time for your vendors so that you can assist them to fast-track important decisions as time they say equals money.

The overriding goals of all your vendors is for you to have an amazing wedding day experience and for them to get a good feedback from your wedding guests and referral s to enable them continue to make other couples dreams come through.


Most good vendors were once brides and grooms and they understand the anxiety involved in planning a beautiful wedding. Some would narrate how they got into the industry due to their own experiences and the desire to make it easier for intending couples. Appreciate their wealth of experiences; learn to trust their opinions, capabilities and abilities to add values to the overall success of your wedding. GOODLUCK