You really wish you could hide away from the money matter at least till the big day and suddenly reappear when all is set but not all wishes come true.  Every couple should be able to contribute towards their wedding budget as a mark of maturity and responsibility as the tradition of the bride’s family solely responsible for the wedding expenses is gradually fading away, today families are jointly picking up the wedding bills today.

The earlier you and your spouse start saving towards your own contributions the better and moreover many couples pay for their own weddings today with little or no help from family members which makes it easy for them to plan their wedding within their own capabilities and make it personal too.


Be clear from the beginning where your wedding funds are coming from and who is contributing what to the wedding budget. This information will go a long way in helping you to reach your financial goals for your wedding.  Often intending couples tend to rely on family members without actually asking them how much they intend to contribute or what ways they want to be involved and eventually disappointment sets in at the final stages due to lack of clarification.

Let them know how much you intend to spend and how much you both have to put down and base on this information, they will know how much financial assistance you need or the different elements of the wedding you want them to be financially responsible for.


Before you embark on a your fairytale wedding spending spree, it’s important to figure out how much you can both afford to save on your wedding outside your parents contributions. The best way to set the wedding budget rolling is by putting a percentage of your monthly incomes aside long before your wedding day to offset the expenses before the much anticipated contributions from your families. First and foremost plan around your own personal funds and try to limit yourselves on those elements that your money can accommodate rather than base your wedding budget on contributions from your families which may not come when you need it most.


It is not uncommon for prospective couple planning their dream wedding to have different opinion on what and how to spend their budget but you will eventually arrive at a point where you will both have to make significant decisions by compromising to perfect your big day.

Be honest with yourselves and make a list of those details you would like to spend your budget on and those elements that you both see as important to both of you rather than spend your money lavishly on details which will only impress your wedding guests. Think about the style of wedding you would like to have and see if your wedding budget can justify the expenses involve.

The success of your day will be determined by your abilities to work and plan together as a couple and making sacrifices towards it too. Seek financial assistance from your family members and close friends if necessary but remember to give them enough time to work towards the support and be grateful whichever way or form the support comes.