In the midst of our current social and political apprehensions, weddings will continue to take centre stage as the fabric that ties the society together in love and blissful exorbitant. If you are planning your wedding and worried about  how to manage your finances, there is no better time than now for you to scale down on your wedding budget so that you don’t end up in debt after the ‘I do’.

Remember that the most beautiful weddings are within the means of those who are paying for it. Love will not be enough to sustain your new marriage if there are debt matters looming around when your dream of a big fat wedding has been fulfilled.


If you and your spouse are paying or contributing towards your wedding, cut down in all areas of your wedding details so that you can have enough money to start your lives together. Your personal budget should play a major role in determining the style of wedding you can truly afford and how much you both want to spend.  Often prospective couples rely on family members for support without actually asking them how much they intend to contribute and what ways they want to be involve and disappointment may set in at the final stages due to lack of communication and clarity.

On the other hand if your parents are financing your wedding, it is imperative that you and your spouse meet with them earlier so that you can come up with a money saving plan which would lighten the burden for everyone involve.

Every bride has a dream of a fabulous wedding day, perhaps a simple desire, love they say doesn’t cost a thing but the staggering cost of weddings today has continued to give the phrase a new twist. If you and your spouse are financing your big day, you should also have some control and the freedom to manage your guests list remember that every guest add to the bottom line.

If you and your spouse are financing your big day, you should also have some control and the freedom to manage your guests list remember that every guest add to the bottom line.  Families are often saddled with the financial responsibilities.

The tradition of the bride’s family solely responsible for the wedding expenses is fast fading away as both families are jointly picking up the bills today. On the other hand more couples are becoming financially independent and able to contribute towards their own weddings.


The size of your wedding really does not determine how much you spend, you can have a small intimate affair and still spend extravagantly on little details without cutting cost and you can also stage a big fabulous wedding and spend less.

Setting up a wedding budget account by putting part of your monthly income aside even before the much anticipated contributions from your families enable you make joint contribution towards your wedding and a great way to communicate and ensure effective management of your budget.

The more competitive you are in your daily life is likely to put you under undue pressure especially if you are one of those who look out for flaws at your friends weddings. You will be under immerse pressure more than ever now as you plan your own wedding with so much anxiety and confusion impose on yourself.

Look at ways you can save in all different aspects of your wedding by discovering elements you and your spouse can do yourselves and start putting your hands on deck as soon as you set your wedding date. Tap into your areas of creativity and cut cost, you will be glad you did in the end.