Once you set your wedding date, reality starts to set in knowing that there is no going back again, you may wish to hide away from the money talk at least till the big day and suddenly reappear when all is set but that is just a wish. Honestly, there is no reason to panic as long as you both have a clear understanding of your ideal wedding and your financial capacity to make it happen. Remember that the success of the day will be determined by your abilities to work and plan together as a couple by making certain sacrifices which will be beneficial tomorrow when all your guests leave and the reality finally sets in.



Sounds like a business proposal, but in reality if you can scrutinise your budget like you do your business you are more than likely to spend wisely in the most important areas and still have savings to live on after the  ‘I DO’.    Before you book your venue or decide to splurge on any detail, first figure out how much you can both afford to spend on your wedding in total outside other contributions you may be expecting.

Your personal budget should play a major role in determining the style of wedding you can truly afford and how much you both want to spend.  You can have a small intimate affair and still spend extravagantly on little details and you can also stage a big fabulous wedding and spend less. The most important factor is to try and stick within your budget either big or small and start planning early to enable you compare prices and find bargains too.



The best way to set the wedding budget rolling is by putting a percentage of your monthly incomes aside before the much anticipated contributions from your others. First and foremost plan around your own personal funds and try to limit yourselves on those elements that your money can accommodate rather than base your wedding budget on contributions from your which may or may not come when you need it.

Also you need to agree on how you both intend to save towards the wedding, it is not unusual for your bride to decide to save more and make a big impression on her day while you look further into the future, the dream house, dream car and a great honeymoon.

Be honest with yourselves and make a list each of those things you would like to spend your budget on and keep those elements that you both see as important to both of you. Think about the style of wedding you would like to have and see if your wedding budget can justify the expenses involve.



As a prospective bride, you may want to spend more on items that are of great importance to you, often torn between choices, fantasies and emotional confusion over many details especially if you are around by families and friends who have high expectations of you. It is also important to fit all those expenses into the wedding budget for clarity and transparency.

It is not unusual for your opinions to differ on what and how to spend your wedding budget, trust me, you will eventually arrive at a point where you both have to make clear-cut decisions that would benefit you both in the end.