Weddings are blissfully happy occasions but they sometimes come with BIG issues, and if left unresolved may lead to BIGGER predicaments. This can undermine the success of your beautiful celebration, years, months and even weeks into the marriage. Issues can vary from financial, religious and social expectations, career changes and even ‘suspicions’.

It is also normal to feel overwhelmed with the thought of restricting your freedom and spending the rest of your life with someone. Believe me, it is absolutely acceptable to agree and disagree in order to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and reiterate your commitment to one another.



Communication with a willingness to grow closer together is important to the success of your marriage. Do not wait till you get married before you start to deal with issues. Remember that the success or failure of your marriage lies on how well you and your spouse can communicate and dialogue no matter how difficult the issues seem.

Every couple is different and relationships progress differently too. You can get through the worst situations and still have a great time. No one has it perfect without going through a few boiling moments.



Discussing issues of uncertainties can be very uncomfortable in the beginning, but if you have a healthy relationship you will be able to anticipate your fears and limitations so that you can both find comfort in each other’s feelings.

Doubts about your commitment may arise, and worries concerning your big day may also come up, but this is normal, especially if difficult challenges ensue. Simply focus on the love you both share and how far you have come.



Differences between two people in a relationship are completely normal and should be expected. In fact, these differences may contribute to making the two of you such a great match. Just because you have different interests, personalities, or communication styles does not mean you are incompatible. Focus on all the things that you and your partner are bringing into the relationship and start celebrating your differences.



Evaluate yourselves – search your souls and identify your purpose; the reason why you are getting married now or if you would rather wait till you are certainly sure. Many couples face this mind bugging situation and still decide to go ahead with the wedding due to pressures from families, yet issues are still left unresolved. It is up to you to make this distinction and take the necessary steps without being sentimental.



You are not alone – several other couples face mind bending situations during their wedding planning period too. No marriage had it perfect without going through a few boiling points during the courtship period. Every couple is different and relationships progress differently too. But if you are optimistic about your goals and aspirations as a couple you will get through life’s obstacles as you both set your minds towards building a long-lasting union.