One of the most important responsibilities of every prospective couple on their wedding day is to make sure that every guest who attends their beautiful occasion feels safe whilst the event goes on. Your wedding is a big deal and you need all the necessary safety measures to help you avoid health and safety hazards. Remember, the safety and comfort of your guests is important.

Although it may be completely impossible to control every aspect of your wedding, you can reduce your risk significantly if you put the necessary measures in place.


Safety starts from you!


Wedding Rules: Whether you have a wedding planner or not, you have a duty to set your safety rules in advance and work out ways to achieve them. From the venue manager to the vendors, everyone involved in your wedding must understand your rules and how to implement them. Making the right decision from the start is critical as this will ensure proper compliance and lower certain risks.


Venue: Choosing the right venue which conforms to good safety standard must not be compromised irrespective of the fee, as you and your guests will be spending many hours at the venue.  Check out a few venues and compare their safety standards, as the slightest mistake in your venue or by a vendor can shut down a beautiful wedding day.  Ensure that the right people take charge while you both sit back and enjoy every moment.


Wow factors: You must have a good understanding of every entertainment and design planned for your event so that it does not contend with safety standards. An idea can be beautiful to watch but yet unsafe and pointless. Your vendors must know the difference between beautiful and practical.  It is not an option but your obligation to engage the right hands for the job.


Fireworks Display: Fireworks are a big responsibility in itself. If you truly want your guests to take the memories away, choose a display that is suitable for your style of wedding and get the professionals who will make the display more impressive and safe.


First Aid: Plan to have a first aid box handy and in the care of a guest with medical experience or a qualified first aider within the venue. Do not wait until an accident happens. It is important that you put everything in place and ready for use.