Deciding on your wedding colors is a significant aspect of wedding planning. Your wedding colors will help you to set the style and ideas for your wedding and every other detail such as flowers, venue deco, cake, bridesmaids’ dresses and more.  Ensure that you choose colors that you really love and truly reflect the dream you have for your BIG DAY!  Here are my tips to…. STRING YOUR WEDDING COLORS



Color Chart: Get a color chart; it contains all the colors which will help you identify the various shades variations available to choose from.



Favorite Colors: Think about all your favorite colors from your childhood and reflect a color or colors that have been consistent in your chart and get a swatch or sample piece.



Think Theme: Do you have a theme in mind for your wedding?  A wedding ‘theme’, is simply a certain style choice for your day that you then reflect in all your wedding details. A theme can be your favorite sports, an era, a hobby or skill, subject, a country you lived or visited, there are so many possibilities in choosing a theme, the choice is yours.




Mood Board: Make a color board of all your favorite colors, Get a piece of thick card and place images you like from magazines on the board, images that accentuate your best color. Place the colors side by side and see which ones can work together.



Think Events… There are certain seasons and events which can be exploited as a wedding theme if you plan to get married around those dates set to commemorate them.  Events such as Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, Democracy Day and seasons such as Christmas Season, Easter Period, Ramadan, and more can create a fun and memorable occasion when you simply adapt their colors and recreate their significances as your wedding theme.



Venue: Your choice venue can also give you ideas of colors or theme to work with. The colors of your reception space and its surroundings, whether it’s the vintage Persian rug in the dining room or the view of the ocean, can spark an idea. There are certain colors which may work well with the venue ambience and a venue with certain characteristics can set the right theme.

If you choose a venue that has a reflection of elements you like, you will find it easier to match colors that will accentuate your dream wedding. There are endless possibilities when looking for a theme for your wedding. You can also create your own theme to suit your personalities and lifestyles.



Your Dress: Your wedding dress may come with unique details that can inspire your wedding theme.  A classic wedding theme, full of romance, fairytales and butterflies is the perfect choice if you plan to wear a princess style dress. Girly without being overly cute, this theme is all about making your childhood dreams come true.




Your Bridesmaids:  The bridal party can also play a big role in influencing your wedding color scheme. You may have to find the appropriate dresses for your bridesmaids before you decide your wedding colors. If you find a dress that is appropriate for them and perfectly complements your wedding, you may well have found your color or colors you truly like.