There are several wedding details couples can either avoid or cut down if they really want to cut cost and spend less. Couples who should be staging small intimate weddings often allow their fantasies and expectations of relatives determine their choices without considering the resources available to them.


Here are a few things to consider…

1. Trim Down Your Guest List

Wedding guests are as important as the wedding itself, and a good wedding certainly requires a proper planning for its guests to make sure that they are comfortable. Less they say is more; so restrict your guests to those who have significantly impacted your lives. Guests will certainly add to the bottom line of your budget; if you want to truly enjoy your day make sure you make them comfortable too.

 2. Decorate For Less

Venue styling has become a ‘wow factor’ for every wedding. If budget is not the key consideration, you may get carried away with all the contemporary trending wedding decor details. Many wedding venues are now beautifully draped in soft fabrics to create a warm and pretty ambiance with minimal effective styling. You do not have to break your budget to achieve your desired look.

3.* Cut Off Alcohol

More wedding guests are avoiding alcohol and beverages due to health and age factors. You often find that drinks are left on tables and alcohol is seldom requested for at most weddings today. Bottled water remains the most popular at every event, as more people continue to adopt healthy lifestyles free from sugar and alcohol. Ensure that you stock up on water and choice drinks. Fruit wines are great if you want to cut cost; alcohol is not a necessity if you are on a tight budget.

4. Hire a Small Band

Music and entertainment can take a chunk of your budget. Your style of wedding should determine the band you are hiring to entertain your guests. Big bands are great for big wedding venues and they charge twice as much as the small bands. You can also consider hiring a Disc Jockey (DJ ) who will play all your favorite hits at a fraction of a band’s fee which is certainly cost-effective.

5. Say No To Souvenirs

Saying thank you with gifts has become a norm at weddings, and the expenses incurred could be enormous depending on status. Souvenirs are not obligatory if your budget simply cannot accommodate it. Guests will attend your wedding because you have a special place in their hearts, and many more will inconvenience themselves to come for other good reasons. You can save money which could be useful in other areas or saved for the future.

A memorable wedding is not determined by its excesses and frivolities, it is as a result of the choices you make to create your own unforgettable experience.