Some people are happily married while others get married happily, the difference is the responsibilities the latter share together during the planning period. Couples who plan their weddings together will learn to communicate, tolerate and compromise with each other every step of the way and such couple will also learn to appreciate and enjoy their individual differences too. Most women grow up dreaming about their wedding day and that is why many people assume that wedding is about the ‘BRIDE’ while the groom is left out of the details and sometimes the responsibilities too.



It is important that prospective couples share the pains and the gains of planning a successful wedding day and when things get tough they can have each other’s shoulders to lean on too. A bride may become overwhelmed through fantasies, influence and enormous details at her disposal at this time. We call it obsession but she thinks it’s her responsibility and believes that all the perfection lies on her shoulders too. On the other hand she is likely to become disengaged from her spouse’s world forgetting that he also has his needs and may have an interest in the wedding details if afforded due consideration.  As the run up to the day, the role will become very tedious for the bride and perhaps leave her feeling frustrated and cranky in the end.



Most brides prefers to shut their spouse’s out of money matters as they are often caught between choices either to save or splurge a little at times spending unrealistically on details she loves  while her practical groom will definitely want her to save rather than splurge. It is unfair to assume that your spouse is not competent enough to take decisions with you, his   involvement will make a positive impact in terms of cutting cost , spending realistically and  most importantly keeping you in check when fantasies sets in. He will certainly be the best money manager the planning will be yearning for in the end.


A bride is usually caught between her own choices and those ideas proposed by families and friends who have been there and done it! She may prefer to take her 100 nearest and dearest guests to a nice resort for an unforgettable experience but finds out that other people are already feeling devastated to miss out. A couple who plan together sharing similar vision and fantasies are more likely to have a clear vision of their dream wedding scenario well communicated to their families who in turn should be able to understand and respected their wishes without prejudice or  sentiments.


The wedding is important to him as it is to you even though he may show his excitement,  sharing responsibilities will enable him handle those details that he cares about most while you leave him to make decisions in those areas too, it is a great way to show that you truly appreciate his views. If you survive the task involving in planning your wedding together, you are going to enjoy a blissful marriage making decisions and sharing your dreams along the way.